8 Under-Eaves Storage Ideas for Your Loft Conversion

Whether you leave the roof as it is or go for a dormer or even a mansard conversion in your loft, you’ll be left with an angled area beneath the eaves. This low space is perfect for storage, but it can be tricky to decide how best to use the area. Take a look at these ideas for some inspiration.

1. Combine high and low
Make the most of the whole area by slotting a tall wardrobe next to a shorter piece of storage.

2. Go in at both angles
If you’ve installed a dormer window in your loft conversion, make the most of the layout by incorporating some efficient storage in the space.

3. Add a flat surface

4. Line up
A neat way to utilise the space beneath the eaves is to build cabinets all the way along. When designing storage for your loft space, it can be a good idea to choose streamlined surfaces, so they ‘disappear’ and maintain the calm feel of the room.

5. Take it step by step

6. Take a corner

7. Go for open access
If you’re able to keep things tidy, an open storage area could be the way to go. Here, the designer has used the space either side of the chimney breast to incorporate shelves. The architect worked with a joiner to tailor the plywood shelves to fit the owner’s belongings perfectly.

8. Create a combination station