Office of the Future

The office of 2020 & beyond will develop radically from the cellular or open-plan offices seen today, whether they house a single company or are shared by a variety of smaller firms, including sole workers. Digital advances, home working and distance communication will result in the office becoming a ‘touch-down’ destination for many. The diagram opposite reflects this need by providing a number of flexible zones, each with a strong theme.

Zone 1: Present & Pitch – Companies will use their office as their shop window, presenting their products in an environment that reflects their ethos, before using high-quality meeting space to secure the deal.

Zone 2: Research & Development – Although mobile internet & cloud storage will reduce the need for fixed desk working, individuals will have downtime between other activities & high powered hot desk work stations will be required.

Zone 3: Collaborate & Innovate – The office will remain a destination for team working and collaboration and flexible space that can be used for a variety of activities will be essential, with excellent wireless/cloud connectivity.

Zone 4: Greet & Represent – A full concierge and reception service creates the correct professional feel while handling all of the enquiries while individuals are unavailable. Additional security could be added here if required.

Zone 5: Relax & Eat – Attracting workers to the office & to the company relies on downtime being catered for more effectively, whether through a cafe, bar or games room. Private space includes bicycle storage, fitness & food preparation.

Zone 6: Serviced Pods – The two central (potentially pre-fabricated) pods provide the serviced support to the office, including sanitary, kitchen, showering, printing (perhaps including 3D) & server/plant.