Northern Ireland Eco House

We are excited that our first large scale project in Northern Ireland has been submitted for Planning Permission. With a design that references its agricultural context, we have demonstrated that this new dwelling would be a sympathetic and sustainable addition to its countryside location⁣.

We will share more information in the coming days, including the importance of one of the key documents – the Planning Statement.
⁣Our application for a new family home, with four bedrooms and detached garage in the rural area of Ballymoney, Northern Ireland is without exception⁣

At 50.8, our Architects provide a detailed planning statement for all our new build homes which explain how a proposed development is a suitable response to the site and its setting which are key to all planning authorities. In our applications we assess the site, identify the site context, review relevant planning policies and establish the design principles and influences which inform the proposal⁣.

Considerations around sustainable development, climate change, renewable energy, layout, scale and appearance all need to be considered to ensure a detailed, timely and accurate response from the planning authorities.⁣

Planning applications and statements are hard work, a huge amount of man hours goes into their creation with many a late night to ensure every detail is covered.