Suburban Family House

Rethinking Suburbia

Whilst Chichester is a beautiful, historic city, on closer inspection one may feel that renovation of its suburbs is needed. We have proposed a design for a one-off house adapted to modern life and which expresses the needs and aspirations of its occupants. Our proposal responds to three concepts, ‘FLEXIBILITY’, NEW FAMILY TYPOLOGIES’ and ‘MATERIALITY’.

FLEXIBILITY understood not as the anticipation of all possible changes, but as the capacity that enables different and even opposing interpretations and uses. A dwelling that can adapt to multi-generational living and its change over time, which is what contemporary society demands.

This idea of architecture in ‘process’ could offer neutral and expressionless spaces. For this reason it is necessary to look for shapes and spaces where people feel stimulated and which could be able to suggest possible uses and therefore adaptable to a wide range of DIFFERENT FAMILIES.

MATERIALITY will also play a key role. It would be the link to the site, the location. Using similar language to its surroundings to achieve a contemporary feel with local materials.

This combination determines our proposal – A representation of our vision of a design for a 21st century suburban family villa.