8 Pro Tips to Make a Kitchen Look Beautifully Finished

It’s the small details that can turn a standard space into something altogether more special. In these kitchens, professionals have used clever tricks to give the rooms a polished finish. Take a look to discover how designers can be worth their weight in gold and to find inspiration for your own home.

Turn a challenge into a triumph
A door to another room in the centre of a kitchen could pose layout problems – unless you turn it into a surprising design feature.

Master materials
The addition of a luxurious or interesting material can make a huge difference to a space.

Consider all parties
If you have a dog, it isn’t just humans who need to be factored in when you redesign your kitchen – your pooch will be using the space, too.

Blend in architecture
Structural supports are often an essential part of an open-plan space, but they can get in the way of the design.

Maximise all areas
How to make use of an awkward corner? It’s a common challenge.