Itchenor Passivhaus

This two week time lapse video not only captures the fast pace of build of our innovative eco Passivhaus but also some of the more complex details in the construction of this new home in Itchenor.

We have said before that the ease of this build has been down to two factors – fantastic Clients with an engineering background plus a huge amount of planning prior to anything arriving on site by the team here at 50.8. Our Clients’ brief was to ensure an ecological blueprint was at the heart of this home’s design with every Passivhaus standard considered for energy efficiency. This has resulted in a ultra-low energy building that requires minimal energy for space heating or cooling. This will enable this new home to reuse “free” heat to cleverly heat itself.

The design doesn’t just deliver aesthetically but it also meets many of our sustainable goals to be a part of the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge. Our adoption of a fabric first approach to construction (high levels of insulation, airtight, triple glazed windows) and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery help architects like us meet net zero (or better) whole life carbon for new and retrofitted buildings by 2030.

This is such an exciting project and this video shows that with exacting checks prior to the framework arriving on site, the home has been created in record time and its a project for many reasons that we are incredibly proud to be part of.