How to Add Overflow Kitchen Storage to an Open-plan Space

There isn’t always enough room in a kitchen for everything you need to house – which is where an open-plan space comes into its own. By having easy access to other zones, you can add some overflow storage for kitchen essentials. Here’s how to do it seamlessly and stylishly.

Make it a feature
It’s important to plan a kitchen that’s ergonomic and functional so you can quickly find what you need for cooking, but that doesn’t mean everything has to be within grabbing distance. If you’ve run out of space, simply add an extra piece of storage to another part of the room.

Build a divider

Go behind the scenes
When you’re planning storage in your kitchen, don’t just focus on the areas accessible from the cooking zone. Instead, look at ways you can add cabinets and shelves to the back of a unit, island or peninsula.

Carry on along
Where your cooking area stops, consider continuing your cabinetry a little further along.

Match the finish

Differentiate with colour
To add more storage for the cooking zone in this open-plan room, the designers positioned large kitchen cabinets in the living area. To ensure the cupboards blend into the cosy seating area, they’ve painted them a darker tone than the ones in the kitchen. The designers have also painted the wall behind and the hall door in the same colour as the cupboards, which makes them feel like a substantial part of the room.

Get cohesive

Maximise the space