Exterior Timber Cladding

To clad or not to clad that is the question (or one that we get asked a lot by our Clients)⁣

We love timber cladding where there is the occasion to use it. Cladding has seen an emergence across all types of properties featuring on exterior and interior walls and it achieves a number of stylistic and ecological goals

Cladding in the traditional sense is the application of one material over another providing an additional layer of insulation or weather protection. In most cases nowadays it enables a breathable waterproof aesthetic improvement to a new or existing wall

With western red cedar for example it can be left untreated & weather to a beautiful silvery grey ⁣- we’re big fans of this type of cladding as it’s so eco friendly

We’ve put together some of the best from Pinterest that inspire us – if you’re interested in knowing more about any type of cladding then just give us a call or click on our bio to view some of our projects