Subtle Ways to Decorate With Pink

If the thought of using pink in your interiors seems a tad scary, you’re not alone. Many of us shy away from the colour, thinking it might be too soft and sickly. However, used in the right way, pink can look fantastic.

Check out these rooms, all of which show how you can decorate with pink to create a cosy, warm and beautiful space.

Focus on florals
Rather than having one flat pink surface, try layering a range of hues by using it in a pattern. The texture of a pattern gives a softer feel than if it had been introduced as one block of colour.

Be gradual
If you’re after a soft, layered look, try featuring a gradient of pinks, ranging from a deep berry to a pale rose, which sets off a space beautifully.

Give it an edge
For a more striking look, consider contrasting a pink surface with deep blue or charcoal grey. Alone, a light pink can seem quite whimsical, so it’s a good idea to mix it with something much stronger.

Lighten up
Fancy a brighter take on a deep colour teamed with pink? Lighten the scheme by simply adding mint green and turquoise.

Team with blue
Pink and navy are a fantastic colour team, as the two tones bring out the best in each other.

Try a tint
Use just a touch of pink to add interest to a plain white bathroom. The tiles at the back of a shower enclosure could have a very pale rose tone that isn’t overbearing. The shade gives just a hint of warmth to the space.

Go softly softly
There’s no denying pink’s gentle qualities.

Bring in some bling

Add warmth