8 Ways to Use Plywood for Storage

If you’re thinking of having some bespoke storage designed, it’s worth considering plywood as your material of choice. Easy to work with, it can be used to create anything from simple shelving to a hidden work station. Take a look at these clever projects to find inspiration for using this layered engineered wood in your home.

1. Take a seat
Plywood is durable, is easy to work with on-site, and doesn’t usually need to be fitted by a specialist carpenter. “It doesn’t fade as quickly as darker timbers with stronger grains”. “Do remember, though, that a decent grade of plywood isn’t as cheap as you might think, and it’s important to check it’s from a sustainable source.”

2. Show and tell
The layered nature of plywood gives it an attractive look if you leave the edges on show. Just a simple shelving design can become a feature when the thin lines are visible along each piece of timber. Emphasise these layered edges by contrasting them with a smooth material.

3. Carve out a desk
Contrast the texture of plywood with smooth white surfaces.

4. Colour in
By adding colour to your plywood storage, you can make it a strong element in a room.

5. Build under the eaves
The simple finish of plywood lends itself to minimal open shelving, and it can easily be cut to fit an awkward area. In a loft space, for example, 50.8 Architecture + Interiors designed an open wardrobe area in the alcoves. The shelves have been fitted to match measurements that Angus marked out on the wall. “The joiner helped by advising where we needed extra supports and framing,” he says.

6. Maximise an alcove

7. Go wall-to-wall
If you’re planning an entire wall of storage, plywood is a good option, thanks to its versatility and cost-effectiveness.

8. Create divisions